Lisa the Unicorn, Kit

Lisa the Unicorn, Kit

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Bright, rich and even a little earthy this “Lisa the Unicorn” pillow size kit checks all the boxes for a modern/edgey sewing project!

This unicorn is on point, with a mane of magical Stonehenge Northcott Fabric its hard not to look amazing! Bright, rich and even a little earthy, “Lisa the Unicorn” pillow kit is a favorite of all ages. The motif is young and fun enough for the yougest in the family but the colors, textures and overall cuteness will make even the eldest want a unicron pillow! We wouldnt even be surpised if the boys asked for one (haha, Unicorn Pegasis?!)

The pattern is both illustrated and written clearly, letting follow along on how to sew all the angles just the right way for the head and supplies a template to cut a horn.

The kit comes with the pattern (which also has two quilt sizes) and the fabric for top of pillow: six 2″ strips of Stonehenge Northcott fabric, one 1.5″ sqaure of dark blue, .75 yrds for background, .5 yrds for head. and makes a 26″X26″ pillow top.

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