Did You Hear!?

Footprints Quilting is back at the long arm doing pantographs and is welcoming Footprint Quilt Shoppe patrons to use this service! Follow the link to see a detailed list of the do’s and what we need to get your quilt proper!

Favorite Club


Creative Stitching

Creative stitching Club is hosted twice a month, both are two hour session where you get to explore your more creative side.

1pm, 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month!

These easy free flowing classes are small and personal so you get the most out of every stitch. In our two previous session we covered a variety of stitches ranging from beginner working to more interact work.

Visit our classes tab for all event info.


Featured Notions


English Paper Piecing Needs

We are currently stocking the shop to the brim with all of our favorite English Paper Piecing must haves; from itty bitty glue sticks to seriously sharp needles we’ve got you covered


Template Machine Quilting

With the new series of classes we added last month we’ve totally upped our machine quilting notion game! With all the must haves and Sew Steady’s catalog in the shop we can easily assist with prop selection and order your dream at home quilting table!


Book of the Month

Every month Kelly hand picks a book to spot light; whether it be a book for creative inspiration or new patterns, she brings them to you with a limited time discount!

Along with our book of the month, the shop is stocked with modern and primitive quilt books, if we don’t currently carry what your looking for let us know and we’ll see what we can do!



Civil War Legacies II

carol Hopkins

$18.50 in shop only

$24.99 Originally


Fresh Off The Bolt


Currently we do not offer fabric online, please visit the shop to shop all of our cottons. If one of our new arrivals caught your eye feel free to contact the shop for questions or to purchase.

sorry for any inconvenience


Newest Patterns

We’ve just added three new Rachel Rossi patterns to the shop!

Her super easy to follow patterns and smart set up makes these perfect for quilters of all levels. She focuses on shape so your favorite fabrics can truly shine the way they were meant to! We love how Rachel’s patterns keep you inspired and uplifted as you speedily work your way through these quilts. Each pattern can be made in a variety of sizes with no extra work from the largest to a crib size. Rachel does all the hard planning so you can have a blast while you cut, sew and press! Click through to Rachel Rossi and a bunch of other new patterns!